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Mon-Thurs: 9am to 3pm
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Drive Up: 9am to 5pm

16 SE 1st Street
PO Box 200
Fairfax, MN 55332

(507) 426-7242
FAX (507) 426-7882


Agricultural Loans - Commercial Loans - Business Loans - Crop Insurance - Ron Winch     

Residential Real Estate - Individual Retirement Accts. - Wire transfers - Compliance - Pat Buboltz

Bookkeeping - ACH - Internet Banking -  Brenda Johnson

Debit Cards - Internal Auditing  -  Cindy Schweiss

General e-mail:  [email protected]

Please note the following reminder before you e-mail us:

While we recognize e-mail is a simple and cost effective means of communication, we would remind you that inquiries and/or requests needing immediate attention should be made in person or by phone and NOT sent by e-mail.  Personal and account information, passwords, PIN's, Social Security numbers and other sensitive data should NEVER be sent by e-mail.  E-mail messages are not viewed immediately by bank staff, and will not serve as a sufficient method for any requirement imposed on you to provide written notice, or be used to place a stop payment on a check, request account transfers, or to report lost or stolen bank PIN codes and/or debit cards or other bank products.